Our Services

Our services are superior because we provide the most highly trained professional security officers to all our clients. We provide the best equipment that is only matched by law enforcement agencies. We pay wages above the security standards and to top it off, we pay incentives, bonuses & benefits. We take the safety of our communities serious which is why we only provide the best in the industry.

Security Consulting

The most often forgotten, yet valuable aspects of private security is the consulting stage. This is the foundation of all safety and security functions. We could tell you, if you need a security guard or just some small property upgrades that will improve your facility, eliminating the need of a security guard or patrol officer.

Getting a security consultation is the solution to give your property a sense of security most importantly your residents. Committed Elite Response Team, Inc will send a specialist from upper management to your property, for a one on one meeting or even a community meeting with your residents. C.E.R.T will go over with you and your tenants, different ways to make your property safer and more secure even without having a security company patrol your property. These consultation meeting will cover a multitude of topics from cameras, vehicles, gates, doors, and planning a resident neighborhood watch schedule etc. for more information contact Committed Elite Response Team to set up a meeting

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Courtesy Patrol Services

Committed Elite Response Team, Inc offers "concentrated night time" or "day time presence" security patrol services. We also offer call-for-service and alarm response packages for those without a need for a daily security program. Our patrol services are designed to meet a number of demands from provision of property inspections by vehicle and on foot, crime deterrence, locking of amenities, arming of alarms and other such functions which may need to be done on a routine basis in order to guard your designated site.

Beyond security-related training, our officers are trained extensively on protocols of the property management industry, towing industry and the criminal justice system. We recognize the importance of community safety and understand that a cohesive relationship with the property management, office, staff and security team is what generate the safety and progress in the community.

Our reports writing are outstanding due to our monthly report writing training, we won't leave you guessing. We utilize a customized database system to draft reports and maintain records pertaining to your property. Patrol operations are supplemented by G.P.S to ensure excellent responsiveness and integrity in operations.

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Static On-Site Services

Our Armed & Unarmed site officer services are available for all industries. Our Uniformed officers can provide protection with a visible presence. All of our security officers are equipped with Firearms, Tasers, Body Armor, ASP batons, OC spray, handcuffs, flashlight, and gloves.

A Motorola two-way radio is also provided to facilitate communications for an enhanced performance of duties. We as a premier Sacramento based security company encouraged our officers to pride themselves in establishing a trusting relationship with you to ensure that you have full confidence and faith in your property/personnel safety.

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Executive Protection

Executive protection is there to protect you from harm. That means being responsible for Strategic Assessment of your daily life. Whether that means protecting you during the daily drive to the office, traveling for business or standing guard at your office door, an executive protector is discrete, effective, and efficient.

Here at Committed Elite Response Team, Inc, we have highly trained and experienced professional agents that will go above a beyond to ensure our clients safety. Our personnel security agents protect and transport high profile clients and anyone who is at risk of harm. These agents are chosen based on their high level of professionalism, not only in their appearance but also in their ability to recognize the need for discretion and confidentiality with our clients.

Our Executive Services Division can also provide 24-hour executive and dignitary protection at your personal residence. This protection can be provided on a short-term or permanent basis.

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